Are you bi-curious&Bisexual?

      What does it mean to be bi-curious? There are many different interpretations
of this phrase and many of them are wrong. To be bi-curious means that
a person may have feelings, however slight, for both men and women.
The person does not even have to have any contact with the same sex,
it can purely be a thought or slight feeling that would make this person
bi-curious woman

For some people this feeling may start when they are developing into adults
 and are exploring their sexuality. For others it could be a mere fantasy – the
 ‘what if’ syndrome and is something that never actually materializes.

When you are having these feelings, you should definitely not try and
 suppress or hide them, nor should you go shouting them about to everyone
 you meet, simply because if you are curious or not sure what these thoughts
mean, then you could end up complicating things for yourself and others.
 Instead you should take note of your feelings and see how they progress
over time. If you feel certain that you have strong feeling towards both sexes
then sooner or later the chance to have a bi-curious relationship will arise and
 you will know in your heart what to do.

If your feelings are troubling you then you should try and talk to someone.
If you don’t feel any of your family or friends could help then there are plenty
of helplines that will be able to discuss the matter with you. And remember
never be to ashamed to express who you really are

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