How to date a Bi

How to Date a BIsexual Person

Most bisexual choose to hide themselves in hark. They conceal who they are and make friends in an isolated social circle. This greatly prevent new lesbian to find a companion and get support from other lesbian.

Be patient. Finding a lover is hard, finding a bisexual lover is harder. It is because no bisexual has themselves labeled. So, you must be patient and willing to spend to make friends with them.

Admit who you are. If you think it is time, you can tell your friends that you are bisexual. Coming out will make you known to more people, people will talking about you. You know, it is just like an advertisement. So, those hidden bisexual males and females will come to you. then, you will have many  lesbian friends and won't feel lonely any more

Try some dating sites. It is a quick and useful way to find new bisexual friends. But still,you should keep in mind that be patient. Don't be too eager, like saying are you lesbian, i want to know you at the beginning. You are frightening.

Bisexual swingers and Lesbians

Some people love men.
Some people love women.
Some people also love both.
It isn't bad to love both.
We all have somebody to love.
He loves an man and an women.
She loves an women and an man.
Still we're all the same.

Some people say it's wrong.
Some people support Bisexual parings.
Some people don't understand it.
Some people do understand it.

Bisexual is fun,
Bisexual is great,
                                Bisexual is awesome, 
Bisexual is an beautiful thing.

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